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Welcome to the world of Hell Racing!

Gra MMO - samochód -Hell Racing
Hell Racing is a browser-based 3D racing game, where you battle as a racing driver against your opponents in car races and rallies.
The game takes place on the planet Kerathia, which not so long ago had to defend itself against an onslaught of invaders from another part of the galaxy, who call themselves the Mogites. Biological weapons decimated both the defenders and the invaders. Several decades after the war ended, Kerathia has become the home for outcasts and various groups, including the remnants of the Mogite race, who have taken an interest in car racing.

The new sport has become the driving force for the planet's inhabitants, making it possible to start the reconstruction of destroyed cities and roads. There is much money to be made in car and car part trade.
Kerathia has been divided into five territories, last of which is also the seat of the planet's ruler. Any person brave enough to beat all the competitors in all the races in each territory, and establish adequate reputation, can challenge the current ruler. Should the reigning ruler be defeated on the planet's most difficult track, the challenger becomes the new ruler.
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The player can take advantage of a dedicated registration process on the Hell Racing website. Creating an account allows access to every game world. The player can also log in using OpenID and accounts in other services, such as Facebook or Google Gmail. Obviously this will result in creating separate accounts, not related in any way to other character profiles of the player's account. Only one character profile may be created in a given game world for a single account. One player is allowed to have multiple accounts (this applies also to multiple people playing from one PC or IP address), but all actions between character profiles from the same PC or IP address, including participating in the same races (except for training races), are automatically disabled.

When logging in to a specific game world the player creates their character profile, giving it a unique name, which will be visible to other players. The player also picks the character's race and the first car. There are four available races: Outsider, Leader, Mechanic, and Mogite. Every character has their unique features, which influence various aspects of the game. Moreover, the player can develop ten skills (concentration, reflex, spatial imagination, driving technique, etc.), which influence the driving experience on specific tracks and allow for the upgrading of buildings in the player's residence.

Caution: You cannot change your character's race within the created character profile.
While creating the character's profile, the player gets to pick one of the eight cars available at the beginning of the game. In total there are 32 models available, whose availability depends on the territory the player is currently residing at. Cars are grouped in eight unique brands, each of them is suited for specific tracks. Each model is available in nine unique paint jobs and four bodies, depending on the installed aero kit.
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Every character has a dedicated 3D garage, where the player can select cars and choose the active one, which will be used to compete with other players. In the workshop the player can tune the cars by implementing dedicated upgrades or substituting base parts for ones of a higher quality. All in all there are hundreds of upgrades and over 5000 parts and tuning elements available created with over 300 technologies, which can be researched at the Lab. Redundant car parts and cars may be sold at the store, put on auction, or scrapped for resources.
In search of resources and tuning components, the player can explore the area around the city in four directions and three different distances. The better the area and the greater the distance, the better the chance of finding more resources and tuning components.
Every player has his or her own residence (not applicable in simplified realms), where one can upgrade twenty types of buildings. The buildings serve different aims: production of required resources, such as fuel, ergoz, or kreton,improving productivity, allowing for trade, research of new technologies in the Lab, shortening the car upgrade time or other building upgrade time, researching technologies, improving car endurance, as well as allowing the improvement of character attributes.
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The player can also spy on opponents and take over their residences after winning a residence-takeover race. The player can also change a residence after taking over an abandoned residence in a given city. In every game world (except for simplified ones) there are over 350 cities (spread between 5 areas). Each city offers about 500 residences which players can occupy.
The player can compete on a total number of 21 race tracks, divided into circuits, straights, and Special Stages. Tracks have different surfaces: asphalt, gravel, snow, and ice. The game offers various weather conditions: rain, drizzle, or snowfall.

gra mmo na trasach w trybie 3D
The player can take part in the following types of race:
  • multiplayer race „1 on 1” (circuits and Special Stages);
  • multiplayer “drag race” (a 1.5 km long straight);
  • races to beat a given track in a given time („time trial”);
  • races to reach a given maximum speed („speed trial”);
  • rallies (5 types), held every 24 hours, where a player holding a point-awarded position earns a specific amount of reputation points.
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Each player can compete against players from the so-called Grey Area consisting of the current planet ruler's henchmen. It is essential to beat them in order to challenge the ruler. The total number of opponents amounts to 40, you can challenge them on various tracks in five challenges, each of which consists of five stages. The player is awarded bonuses for completing every stage and challenge with a given opponent.
In order to challenge the current Kerathian ruler , the player has to complete specific missions in specific zones. There are over 100 such missions. Missions are related to upgrading residence buildings, achieving given results, key parameters (reputation, car power, character stats) and defeating specific opponents in given zones.

Moreover, players can participate in so-called arena challenges (in development), where competing players drive cars armed with cannons. The top 16 drivers who gain the most reputation each month take part in a cup competition, where they can earn financial and material rewards. And the first player to beat the planet's ruler on a given realm will receive an interesting main prize.
jako kierowca wyścigowy rywalizuj z protektorami w grze online Hell Racing
Players can form teams (except for Outsiders) and form alliances with other teams. Team members and their allies can compete in training races. Solo training and training against AI. Each team owns an industrial complex, where all kinds of resources are produced. The leader or treasurer can distribute resources to members or lend them to allied teams.
Team play allows you to organise races between teams for resources, a residence for a given team member, or a protectorate of a city. A protectorate grants the team specific bonuses, such as skill bonus for all the members, increased output of their industrial complex, or the ability to form alliances.
The game offers a comprehensive communication system between team members and allied teams (chat, team messages, bulletin board).
The Hell Racing 3D module for playing via an Internet browser requires the Unity Web Player (about 3MB), which can be downloaded here to be installed on user's PC. The 3D module runs only on the following Operating Systems: Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7) and Mac OS (10.3.9 and newer); Please remember to install the Unity Web Player plug-in before logging in. Otherwise the game will not run properly. Other than that, the player does not need to download or install any additional data packets.
Wymagania sprzętowe dla gry 3D w trybie multiplayer online
Minimum system requirements for 3D gameplay:
  • CPU P4 2,0 GHz or comparable;
  • RAM 1 GB;
  • Graphics card: 128 MB of dedicated VRAM;
  • Operating System: Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7) or Mac OS (10.3.9 and newer);
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1280x768 px or higher
  • up to date Internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended);
  • Internet connection, no slower than 1 Mb/s;
  • 10000 and 10001 Port UNLOCKED.
Caution: the 3D module is not guaranteed to work correctly on computers with integrated graphic cards and CPUs with a small amount of cache memory (e.g. Intel Celeron).
We hope you enjoy Hell Racing.